Thursday, November 18, 2010

apple bottom

i come from a line of big-bottomed women. i used to hate the fact that i had a big back shelf, but i have come to embrace and love it. so, it now goes without saying that i love a curvy woman. and no, i don't mean curvy by hollywood's standards. eva mendes might be curvier than kate moss, but she is really not all that curvy. i'm talking real curves...classic 1940s/50s-style curves. so today, i am paying homage women with hourglass figures, and the clothes that they rock.

i don't want to step too much onto my soapbox here, but as a side note, i want to say was extremely hard finding pictures of famous curvy women. when you google "curvy actress", people like salma hayek and kate winslet pop up. while they do have curvier bodies than many other actresses, they are still not your typical woman. i really wish that this uber-skinny "trend" would end. it's obsessive, unhealthy, and frankly, i don't think it's a great look to aspire to. what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. AGREED! curves=hot. As Method Man would put it "more cushion for the pushin'!"