Tuesday, November 30, 2010

black shatter

i don't usually do beauty posts, but this product was pretty much made for me! i don't know about you but i am horrible at painting my nails. i just can't seem to keep the polish on the nail. it always ends up on my skin! and whenever i do polish my nails it only seems to last a day or two before it starts cracking and chipping and looking tacky...so, when i saw this article on Nylon's website, i got a little excited! Black Shatter is a new topcoat nail polish by OPI (apparently created by serena williams) that you can apply over any color. as it dries, it forms cracks, allowing the base coat color to show through. this is the perfect nail polish for me! i imagine that it looks cool and edgy and i won't have to worry about applying the base coat perfectly. i am definitely going to try it when it is released in january. what do you think? would you wear it?

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boardwalk empire

my husband and i have gotten really into the new HBO series, "Boardwalk Empire". it is a great show, set in atlantic city during the prohibition era. it is amazingly acted and the content and story lines are very interesting. i am a sucker for anything historical fiction. but what i find myself most drawn to is, of course, the amazing fashion. i love the art deco style of that time. the clothes just seemed so much more beautiful and intricate and well made.

i love to imagine the stories behind these vintage dresses (found here and here). who wore them? where were they going? what were they doing? 

sigh. so gorgeous. (here and here).

i wish i could afford even one of these dresses! (here and here).

this is, by far, my favorite era for vintage clothing (and probably one of the hardest to find at a reasonable price!). i feel such a connection to it. maybe i lived during this time in a past life or something. who knows? maybe one of these dresses was mine! ha! (here and here).

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Monday, November 29, 2010

black friday thrifting deals

wow. wow. black friday is truly ridiculous. all these deals, and you have to wonder...are they really deals? do i really want to wait in line for two hours to save $5 on an interactive stuffed animal? well, i love shopping and i do love deals, but i also love sleeping and hanging out with my family. so i compromised. i went shopping on friday, at a respectable hour (8:30 am), and ended up finding some great stuff. i decided to not even venture into places that had more than 15 people in line. toys r us was a major fire hazard from what i could see, and i didn't even drive down the highway that goes to the mall of america for fear that i would get stuck in major traffic. i heard that their parking ramp was 60% full by 7:30 am. i did run into a canadian woman at kohls (it was 11:30 am) who told me that they drove to minnesota JUST to shop, and that she had been shopping since 10 pm the night before. yowza!
i ended up getting quite a few gifts...but not really due to black friday sales. i ended up thrifting a few presents for my kids...and the rest i got at tj maxx. yes, i did buy a pair of pants and shoes for myself at kohls ($19.90 and $10.70 respectively), but i thought i deserved that after braving the traffic and lines!

sorry i moved away from the "fashion" format...in my head thrifting and fashion go hand in hand! here's what i ended up thrifting for (what i think are) awesome gifts for my family.

for the kid who loves to cook:
pots and pans and vintage enamel mixing bowls. heart-shaped spatulas and cake pans. wooden spoons and big plastic serving utensils.

throw in a few cake mixes, some flour, sugar and oil...and you've got a child chef's dream present! i spent about $10.50 total on these items.

for the high-tea princess:
a thrifted tea set...one that is actually workable! every child loves a tea party, but why not get a set that you can actually use. and at thrift prices, you won't worry so much about a glass breaking.

throw in some tea and set up a date for a tea party! I spent $5.00 on this.

for the gardener:
while i haven't bought this yet, it is something that i plan on looking for while thrifting (and crafting) in the next few weeks. it may not be gardening season in minnesota, but it will remind the recipient that the heat will arrive soon!

this bird feeder is so easy to make!

throw in some seeds, a few gardening tools and a great pair of gloves...perfect gift!

for the music lover: 

these are just a few ideas. but really, the possibilities are endless. what do you think? do you plan to thrift holiday presents?

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inspiration monday

welcome back to the real world, everyone. it was a fabulous long weekend, and now i'm back to work. i have to be honest, i almost forgot about today's outfit! luckily, i was inspired by a specific piece this weekend while shopping on black friday! i have been seeing a lot of celebrities wearing these slouch pants. i never thought i could pull them off, but lo and behold, i found a pair on clearance at Kohls, and i love them! so here is my inspiration, not necessarily a whole outfit, but the pants in general...

and here is my take. mine aren't quite the harem pant look (I don't love those so much), but I do love the slouchy leg and slim tailoring of my new pants.

happy monday, all. i hope your transition back to normal life isn't too harrowing!

pants ~ Kohls
tank ~ thrifted
sweater ~ Target
shoes ~ Urban Original
necklace ~ Shop in the City
earrings ~ Forever 21
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

today we are two birds who are happy to not be turkeys. we hope you all had a wonderful, safe and full-of-love day! enjoy shopping tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what to wear to thanksgiving dinner

i love thanksgiving...i get to have two huge meals in one day, both filled with wine and carbs (two of my favorite things). i don't eat turkey, so i fill up on mashed potatoes, veggie stuffing and pumpkin pie. but what to wear? i can tell you right now what not to wear...skinny jeans, tight shirts, a size-too-small pair of tights. the thought of these things alone worn on thanksgiving day makes my stomach hurt. but you don't want to throw on a pair of sweats, either. after all, you can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. here are a few must-haves for your big-dinner wardrobe.

i know, i said no skinny jeans, but trust me, i own these ones, and they are like sweat pants. they are the most comfortable pair of pants i own. and these boots...what else can i say? i almost want to run out after work and buy a pair!

flannel seems so grunge, but i think it's so cute and comfy. paired with leggings and these fabulous nine west boots, you can't go wrong!

nothing says comfortable like an oversized cardigan. and again, these boots...love!

have a safe and happy thanksgiving, all!

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so, megan totally beat me to it and posted her thankful list first! so even though mine is very similar (almost identical, in fact) i am still going to post mine! i know, i am a total copycat! sorry, megan!

my love

my baby girl

our 'lil family

my beautiful family

more wonderful family (and pie!)

DRC the dog (BARK! BARK!)

amazing friends 
(i couldn't post photos of all of you...and i doubt most of you would want me to!)


there is so much more i am thankful for...but this could get long...

have a safe and happy holiday!

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