Sunday, October 24, 2010

what i wore

we had a date last night. we had grand plans to have a quick drink at First Course (where two of my sisters work) and then have a nice quiet, romantic dinner together. oops...that didn't happen. somehow a quick drink turned into a few glasses of wine and then a ridiculously fun night at the local dive bar nearby. oh, and we skipped dinner, and opted for a midnight snack of fried mushrooms instead. fun times.
i finally found some high-waisted pants. i have been searching for a cute these for $3.99 at a cute little store in st. anthony called Hidden Treasures. they have some great deals...check it out if you can! anyways, i don't know if i can pull off the high-waisted pant, but i love them, so i don't really care!
i am kind of embarrassed to say this, but i was looking for some items for our halloween costume (check back next week for those pics) and i stumbled into Dots. it's super cheap, and not somewhere i would normally shop...but i did find the stuff i needed for our awesome costumes, and i also picked up this tee for $6.00. not bad, huh?
my outfit's not complete without fun earrings and a huge ring!
and of course a cute clutch that i borrowed from the two birds collection.
oh, it was a fun night!
and it all ended up a little blurry!

i hope you all had a great weekend!

pants~thrifted (Hidden Treasures)
flower ring and peacock earrings~For Love 21
clutch~two birds


  1. what a cute "going out" outfit! first course looks yummy, will have to put it on my list of resturants to try.