Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wear me

i absolutely love this fashion editorial, shot by annie leibovitz for the december, 2003 issue of vogue. i love everything alice in wonderland. here, the lovely natalia vodianova portrays alice. she poses with a series of influential designers in their interpretations of what alice should wear. amazing! if i could, i would try on every piece! but if i had to choose one i think i would go with the multi-layered silk dress by victor and rolf (tweedle dee and dum). the layered silk-tulle and chiffon-organza dress (lined in lace! really!) by donatella versace would be a close second. which would you like to wear??? 

images via here.

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  1. i love this editorial! it stored on my computer :) lovelovelove. we did an alice in wonderland party for my housemate last year and put turf in our living room. :) cat x