Friday, October 29, 2010

vintage inspired

there is no doubt that the two birds love everything vintage. and we are lucky enough to live in a city with some truly amazing places to shop for all of our vintage wants and needs! some of you may not be lucky enough to have great vintage or thrift stores in your area. some may love the look of vintage but don't love the idea of wearing used or pre-worn clothing. luckily there are many stores that sell new pieces that are vintage-inspired. check out these great finds from forever 21!

ankle boots

butterfly top
faux-fur coat

knit sweater

coin purse

happy shopping! 


  1. Hello Ladies,
    Speaking of vintage store in the cities, where could I go to find something vintagey, sparkley but not too short and cheap for a cocktail party?
    Last time I asked you a question, you recommended I check out Rewind. I did and I did find some pretty cool jewelry, my favorite: a tie necklace made out of wooden beads, it's kitchy and I love it!

  2. well, of course we would have to say two birds! something like this?!/photo.php?fbid=439400495668&set=a.439399555668.232839.111051400668&pid=5363767&id=111051400668

    or any of the great vendors at the Mighty Swell sale on 12/11-12/12 (sorry for the shameless promotion). but, if you need something before that, Via's (24th and Hennepin) has a good selection, although they are more spendy than others. Blacklist on 26th and Blaisdell is also a FAVORITE of ours (and they are a lot cheaper and have onsite alterations). if we see anything while we are out looking, we will for sure let you know! good luck...send us pics of you find something!

  3. oh, and up six on snelling and selby in st. paul has all sort of sparkles. especially around halloween!

  4. Yes I love that blue dress of yours (I left that comment on your fb page!). I hope I get to try it on at mighty swell, if I get up early enough that is.
    Sadly the party I am going to is next weekend. I'll definitely check out blacklist. And hopefully I'll make my way to Saint Paul for up six. I have driven past that place a million times when I lived in Saint Paul but never stopped. I thought they only had furniture.