Monday, October 11, 2010

sunday fun day!

 my sunday was filled with friends, food and fun! i started the day at a brunch with a bunch of my girlfriends with kiddos. check out this delicious, vegan spread! and mimosas! yum!

most of the kids were running wild...except amelia...

she slept so mom could eat! for once!

to brunch i wore an adorable, red vintage shirt i bought last summer, some black skinny jeans, and the cutest little pumps ever!

that's right! i'm wearing white shoes after labor day! that rule is dumb and i like to break it! you would too if you had these shoes...

later that day i whipped up a spicy butternut squash soup and headed to a fall harvest potluck dinner.
more food! more friends! more champagne!

after all the food i consumed at brunch, i had to switch out my jeans for leggings! i added some boots, a black tee, and an incredible vintage blazer...

now it's monday. the fun day had to end. i had better hit the gym to work off all those calories!!!

brunch ensemble:
jeans-15 dollar store
shoes-we who see footwear, purchased at a thrift store

dinner ensemble:
blazer- vintage (purchased at Mighty Swell)
tee-old navy
boots-vintage (also from Mighty Swell)

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  1. Such a cool blazer, I love it!!