Thursday, October 21, 2010

oversize me

i love love love an oversized tee. so comfy and cozy! i'm wearing one today as i lounge around the house with amelia and my dog, DRC. however, oversized tees are not just for lounging around on lazy days. they are so very versatile! you can dress them up or down, wear them loose or with a belt. try pairing one with skinny jeans and heels. cute! how about with leggings and knee-high boots or tights and booties? cute and cute! layer one with a blazer, a loose open-front sweater, or a shrunken cardigan. no matter how you wear it, you will be comfortable, and you will look cool and effortless.

there are so many great designs out there. or you can do what i like to do; find one of your husband's (or boyfriend's, or dad's, or whoever's) old tee-shirts that he doesn't wear anymore and alter it to your liking. cut off the collar to make it off the shoulder or v-neck. take a scissor to the sleeves to make a cute tank top or cap sleeve. get creative with the hem...shred it or tie it up in a knot. dye it, sew it, cinch it...the possibilities are endless! jim, you may want to lock up your closet...i'm getting some good ideas here!!! 

here are a few tees that i may have to purchase in the near future...

merci tee
long-sleeved dolman
owl tee

nevada tee

(that last one is for you, 

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