Friday, October 29, 2010

over the knee

i saw this photo here a few days ago and i have since been thinking that i really need some over-the-knee socks so i can copy this outfit. love. it. i, unfortunately, do not have the jeffrey campbell lita's (sigh). but i have recently bought quite a few long, granny style cardigan sweaters (for $3 each! score!) that would be just about perfect for this look! now i just need these or some like them. does anyone have any over-the-knees that they recommend?


  1. Mine are all from Target and American Apparel. I love them in the winter!

  2. I recommend checking out
    The quality is always good and shipping is always free. I am addicted to knee high socks, they have to be cute even if they are completely covered by my pants :).

  3. thanks for the great recommendation...i have a feeling i will be spending plenty of money here this weekend!
    and i agree...even if someone doesn't see it, it still feels good to know you're wearing something cute!


    Hope that helps! =]