Friday, October 22, 2010

neon lights


it is sometimes hard for me to wear vintage clothing from the era in which i grew up. i sort of believe that if you wore it once, during the time it was first popular, you shouldn't wear it again. however, i have been known to break that rule. with the fashion of the 80s and 90s making a huge comeback it is sometimes hard to avoid. one of the fads that was huge when i was young was neon. neon everything! clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags...everything had to be some crazy, bright, shocking color! well, no longer are the days when i would wear layers and layers of everything neon! now, if i am going to wear something neon, i pick one bold piece, and that's it. i don't go overboard. i don't want to look like i just walked off the set of "saved by the bell"! not anymore, at least!

some neon pieces, great for layering, making a statement and adding a little fun to any outfit:

platform booties

floral leggings

neon pink heels

statement tee

colorful pumps

colorblock tee

silk jumpsuit

oversized ring

images via here

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