Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my favorite accessories

i love jewelry. i rarely go out without at least one piece on. unless i'm at the gym, i will at least be wearing a pair of earrings. and nothing in my "collection" is small. i love bold pieces, jewelry that makes people look twice. what some people might consider gaudy, i consider beautiful. i like to mix and match styles, metals, materials and colors. and the best thing about jewelry is that it can be done on a budget. anytime i want to add to my wardrobe, but know that i shouldn't be spending extra money, i buy some new jewelry (i love For Love 21 for a quick, affordable fix). it satisfies the shopping itch and can add so much character to an outfit. simple jeans and a tee can be transformed by a chunky necklace. a little black dress can be glammed up with a huge pair of earrings. but jewelry can be overdone (or underdone, in my opinion), and it can be done wrong. so here's just a few ideas on how to rock the accessories!

i love loose dresses. tunics and a-line dresses are so comfortable and cute. the problem is that they don't show off those great curves! to bring a little definition to either a tunic-style shirt or dress, add a long necklace. long enough to go below the rib cage. preferably something chain based, and not a bulky beaded necklace. you want something that is delicate and long and will rest nicely at your cleavage all the way to your belly button. a pendant necklace would work nicely. another look that would work is pairing a few different chains together, to make your own layered look.

want to pretty up an otherwise boring outfit? throw on an oversized white tee or a black tank top and jeans and let the jewelry to do all the talking. a huge grouping of necklaces, a native american beaded bib necklace or a chunky necklace with floral embellishment will do the trick.

if you don't love necklaces, a cool pair of earrings will work, too. something big and bright and colorful that hangs just above your shoulders will dress up your tee.

the trick is what to pair with what. i love lots of jewelry, but there is a point where it looks like too much. my rule for myself is no more than three things together. i never wear earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring. if i have a big statement necklace on, i usually just wear it with a pair of big gold hoops, and maybe a fun – but not super flashy – ring. i rarely wear a bracelet with a statement necklace.

if i want to wear a flashy bracelet, then i tone it down with a smaller necklace, but maybe some bigger earrings...or no necklace at all.

i never want to have more than one flashy item, ring not included. a pair of hoop earrings always tones down the look of a big necklace or bracelet. a few layered chain necklaces will pair with some fun, oversized earrings. but, i always figure that your hands aren't always seen, so a fun ring will pair with almost anything!
the trick is to just try things on. if you're wearing a high-collared dress, then maybe don't add a necklace; stick to fun earrings. if you're wearing a tight tank top, find a fun bracelet to show off your arms. if you want to go all out, wear three pieces at a time. you'll know what is right for you!

there are also some fun alternatives to wearing actual jewelry. look around your house, is there something that you love? try to make it into a piece of jewelry. wrap a  beautiful silk scarf around your wrist (like nora!), glue a bowtie or pin a brooch to a set of faux pearls, tie a scarf like a bowtie and wear it in lieu of a necklace, pin a brooch to a bobby pin for a beautiful hairpiece. the options are limitless!

just have fun with it. have fun pairings, new ideas? send us your pictures!

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  1. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Love this post; accessories are the most inexpensive way to look fab, if you ask me. Plus, I love turquoise jewelry so I almost LOST it when I saw those turquoise and gold earrings.