Thursday, October 7, 2010

my dream closet

i unfortunately had to clean out my closet last night. it got to the point where i had so many clothes, i couldn't even fit them all on hangers in my eentsy-teensy south minneapolis closet. yeah, anyone who lives here knows how small the closets are. i went through with reckless abandon...not even thinking about what i was getting rid of. if i hadn't worn it in a year - gone! i was so proud of myself. at the end of it all, i had about 50 empty hangers. however, i still had a full closet.

so now i have a dream project. we have this furnace room. it's a typical basement room, concrete floors, lath and plaster ceiling (that crumbles just a little every time the kids jump off the couch upstairs), white walls - ugly. i want to make it my dressing room. sure, my clothes and shoes will have to share the space with a furnace and some christmas ornaments, but it sure would beat the five-foot closet that i have now. i've been thinking a lot about this project, and here is my dream closet...

it all starts with this...i have a great leopard chaise that i got many years ago. it hasn't been in use for the last six years, but i think i just found the perfect closet for it.

of course, if i'm going all old hollywood, i guess i need a little breakfast at tiffany's paint. so here's the wall color:

and then for the accessories. i have to glam it up a little. while it might just be a place to put my clothes, i definitely need to fancy it up with some fun vintage finds.
even if i don't use a great vintage dress form for dresses, it's a great place to store belts, jewelry or scarves. i might buy a few, they won't go to waste!

again, another beautiful vintage piece that is stylish, yet practical. suitcases are great for storing scarves, belts and shawls. stack them on top of each other to create an end table to set a mirror or jewelry on. multi-functional and so beautiful!

i'd be fooling myself if i said i needed anything smaller than this for my shoes. how gorgeous is this? i am officially on the hunt for a vintage shoe rack. must have!

anyone who was at Mighty Swell last weekend saw rae's beautiful way to display jewelry. i was inspired and decided an old chicken wire and wood gate would work beautifully. i'll just buy some s-hooks from the local hardware store and hang necklaces from this great architectural piece. it can hang on the wall as art work, or i might build a stand for it to sit on the ground.

i can't forget about a place to hold my rings...and add a little whimsy to the place, too! i might need more than one for all of my rings!

to decorate the walls, i plan on using some vintage wedding photos of my family and framing them in beautiful antique gold frames. i will hang them all over the wall. they will inspire me.

then of course, i will need a place to store and hang my clothes. the dresser is so perfectly vintage and girly. top it off with some milk glass vases and a mirrored silver tray with perfume on it. and this rack is great because it also has the bins on top to store hats, shoes or scarves.

so, chris, if you're reading, this is what i want for christmas. it might sound like a lot of work, but look at it this way: if you build it for me, you can have your closet space back in the bedroom!!!

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  1. Looks like you've got it all planned out so the work is half done! Having a dressing room with all of these features would be amazing!