Thursday, October 14, 2010

the look for less

chloe sevigny is one of those celebs whose style you either love or hate. i happen to love almost everything she wears! she's funky, she's fearless, and i would love to raid her closet! chloe wore this teal, lace Proenza Schouler dress to the Costume Institute Benefit Gala and i think it is just fabulous! so fab, in fact, that i decided to feature it in this month's 'the look for less'.

it proved a bit challenging, but i think i did pretty well! i switched out the teal dress for a black one (but it does have the peek-a-boo back!). i compromised by adding a pair of amazing blue platform pumps

chloe's dress has long sleeves, so to add that effect i found this great, lace blazer. lace on lace? why not?!?

with all that lace, i kept the accessories simple. like chloe, all you need is a super cute pair of earrings and a couple of great cocktail rings!

i am not sure how much the Proenza Schouler dress that chloe wore retails for. however, the designers behind the high-end brand have admitted that not even they can afford their clothes! the outfit i put together will be much easier on your wallet. all together it retails for less than $200! 

images via here.


  1. Here from Friend Friday--I really like the concept here. And, the bird ring! Where did you find that little goodie?

  2. I found your blog via Friend Friday :) I really like Chloe's style. I think it's refreshing and originial. and not the least bit skanky!

  3. thanks! the ring is from topshop. so cute, right? the link is in the post, but here it is too...[210010|208556]&noOfRefinements=1

  4. Love the items you have chosen. The blazer and the bird ring are so cute! I rather your dress choice to Chloe's acually.

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