Thursday, October 21, 2010

it's not easy being green

now that the leaves have all turned, i miss the greenery. so i have decided to add it into my wardrobe for the fall. the problem is, how do i wear green without looking like
i think the key is moderation. while head to toe green might look good on some, i personally like to just add a splash to an outfit. it makes it more noticeable and memorable. an earring, a trench, a shoe...people notice these things more when they stand out from the rest of the outfit. with the snow about to fall, here are some of my favorite ways to add that slice of summer to your outfit!
Banfi Zambrelli Reagan bootie

kelly green leggings

works like a charm necklace
the warren jacket
nirvana emerald ring
vintage snakeskin clutch
circuit board earrings
until the leaves start blooming again next spring, find your own favorite way to go green!
me in one of our green two birds pieces

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