Monday, October 18, 2010

inspiration monday

well, it's monday again. it was a beautiful weekend packed with fun sales, great photo shoots and tons of wonderful family time. and now it's back to the grindstone. so i figured out a way to make mondays a little more, well, inspirational.

i decided that each week, i will take an inspirational photo – either of a celebrity, a runway look, a family member or maybe even a stranger on the street – and i will see if i can pull off a similar look right out of my closet.

so here we go. week 1. rachel bilson.
cute, right? she has impeccable taste. she always looks put together, even if she's just out to get coffee. i love the shoes, and need to get something like them asap! in the meantime, here's my take on her cute outfit.
now if only i could get myself a pair of these...

shoes - Kohls
pants - Forever 21
tee - Target
jacket - thrifted
scarf - snagged at a swap party
earrings - For Love 21
sunglasses - chris' (but mine now)

happy monday everyone!

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