Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a good scarf

i love a good scarf. i'm a sucker for an accessory. and a scarf is a great accessory. i have a drawer full of them, probably about 30. i love a thick wool pashmina, a flowy, ethereal scarf and even a great winter scarf...i have about ten more of those! the good news is, i buy them mostly at garage sales and thrift stores, so i don't need to worry about what i'm spending on them. the bad news is there might not be enough days in the winter to wear them all....wait, is that really bad news??

to me, a scarf isn't just about fashion. there is something comforting about wearing a scarf. it's almost like a security blanket to me. so i got to thinking this morning (as i was wrapping my red wool pashmina around my neck) about why i love scarves so much...

first and foremost, scarves make a great fashion statement. they make you look boho-chic...like you aren't even trying, but you still look amazing. they pull an outfit together like any fabulous piece of jewelry can. they make what could be boring fun.
Juicy Couture feather graphic scarf
then there is the whole security blanket issue of a scarf. on those long winter days when all you want is to stick your head out in the sun...those days when you are paler than pale – something about a scarf makes you feel better about it. i think it's that bright pop of color so close to your face. scarves have the same calming effect on me as a pair of sunglasses when you're tired. when i feel like i need to use copious amounts of bronzer to make me look presentable, i throw on a scarf. somehow, it makes me look more awake and bright.

i also like to keep a scarf at work for really bad days. days when you feel bloated, yucky and ugly...a scarf will always work to cover the areas you want covered.
Analogue People scarf

and let's not forget that with a great scarf, you don't need to style your hair!
and of course, there is the fact that scarves are warm and cozy and make you feel as good as any cup of chicken noodle soup.

stay warm, all
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  1. Super cute scarves! I love the last one most. =) Also, the new blog header is adorable!

  2. what a fantastic ode to my favorite accessory! makes me feel justified in my very large (and always growing) scarf collection.