Friday, October 8, 2010

a fun way to recycle

i go through my closets about once a season. i try to get rid of what i haven't worn in a year...try being the operative word. for the most part, i do a pretty good job. typically, after giving my sisters the first pick, i donate my clothes to a good charity thrift store. about a year ago, as i was digging through my closets, i thought to myself, "these are some pretty cute clothes. even if i won't wear them, i bet i know a bunch of people who would." i proceeded to go through my entire house with this mindset. i found duvets, artwork, jewelry, shoes...i was on a roll. i then sent out an evite to a number of friends enticing them to come to my house with the promise of brunch and champagne. i asked everyone to do what i had done..."clean out your closets, attics and garages and bring it all to my house!" there was quite a good turnout. we had what i called a brunch swap. everything was thrown into huge piles, somewhat organized by category. people drew numbers and began foraging through the goodies. everyone left with items they couldn't live without. i got rid of plenty, and gained a few priceless gems in the process. everything that was left over got donated to that charity thrift store.

it was a great way to clean out the house. it was a great way to recycle and reuse. more importantly, i got to spend some quality time with my friends. i am making it an annual tradition. i suggest you try it!

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  1. I've been wanting to host a clothing swap for awhile. I like the "bunch swap" theme. I think fall is a good time for it because for me it's closet cleaning season.