Friday, October 29, 2010

friend friday: 10 random facts

today's friend friday posting is supposed to be stress free...but is it? we are supposed to come up with ten random facts about ourselves. sounds easy enough, and it really is pretty easy. we could tell you we have brown eyes, and brown hair but that's no fun. how do you come up with facts interesting enough to share? five is more doable in my head, so nora and i decided to split it up...half the work! here are five random things about each of us...

1. i have been a vegetarian for 21 years and don't miss meat at all. the hardest part for me is not being able to wear leather shoes.

2. sometimes i am a total hypocrite about being a vegetarian. i have cheated and bought vintage shoes that are leather. for some reason, in my head, it was better because someone else owned them first.
3. however, i don't have the same thoughts about fur. i won't ever wear real fur.
4. faux fur is one of my favorite textiles. the more faux the better. i used to own a lavender faux fur coat. i wish i still had it.

5. i sometimes worry that i will be one of those old ladies who doesn't realize that she is  old and dresses like a 20 year old. will i wear lavender fax fur when i am 60?

1. i feel naked without black eyeliner. for the last 12 years i rarely left the house without loads of the stuff lining my eyes. in the last year i have decided to experiment with new colors, such as brown (how daring!). i have also, as of late, been seen in public with (gasp!) no eyeliner at all. but when i look in the mirror and i have none on, it just doesn't look like me and i still feel strange. i feel the same way when i wear my bangs pinned up. i just don't look right.
2. i am extremely shy and socially awkward (although it's gotten much better in the past 10 years), but for some reason i decided to pursue a degree in theater arts. when i would get on stage my shyness just melted away and that was always such a thrill. and although i no longer pursue theater or acting work, i absolutely LOVE karaoke and my dream job is to be the lead singer in a cover band!
3. it took me 25 years to accept the fact that i have curly hair. I often wonder how much time i have saved in the last five years since I gave up ironing it straight every day! i have now learned to love my unruly locks.and i am sure my hair thanks me for going au natural!

4. like megan, i am a vegetarian and have been for the last 10 years. i do not miss meat in the least. i also do not buy or wear leather or fur and am extremely happy that people have started making super cute shoes and boots of mad-made materials. because i LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes and boots! the higher the heel, the better.
5. i love tattoos. to me they are the ultimate accessory and can be a great form of self expression. but i don't have any tattoos. not a one. and i really want one. it just has to be perfect and i don't know what that is yet. also, i am terrified of needles. but i really hope to get one before i am 35. that gives me four years to design the perfect tattoo...hopefully that's enough time!


  1. I think I would really miss meat. That's my biggest fear of being vegan

  2. Would love to see the tattoo you design. I'm really into them too but I'm not sure I can ever justify the money it will take to get one. - Katy