Monday, October 18, 2010

faux fur

here at two birds we are a bit (okay, extremely) obsessed with faux fur. we literally buy almost every single faux fur item that we stumble upon during our many shopping ventures. these items look great, make a statement, and, most importantly to me, are animal-friendly! they are also super functional when the weather in minnesota goes from summer to frozen tundra. this happens in a matter of weeks. not kidding. and it is beginning, so i must prepare! as of late, i have been focusing my obsession on the faux fur hat...

it took all i had not to steal this one away after modeling it for our lookbook. but, alas, i couldn't do that to our beloved friends and customers at two birds. i placed it back into our collection, heaved a deep sigh, and then took to the internets to find one of my own!

i love this one, modeled by the always gorgeous and amazingly stylish frou frouu:

i am obsessed with the tiny feather detail on this hat! so fabulous!

this one looks so warm and cozy!

and you know i love a little animal print! why not?

and to avoid "hat head"...the headband, of course!

i just might have to buy one for amelia, too! she deserves a little gift for her first winter, right?

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