Friday, October 8, 2010

don't think vintage clothing is for you? think again.

i have talked to so many people who tell me that they love the look of vintage clothing, but that it just doesn't work for their figure. i disagree. i think that with all the great eras of vintage clothing, almost anyone can find a perfect vintage outfit that both flatters and is stylish. so if you're scared to buy vintage because you don't think it will work on you...i encourage you to give it a try. i bet you will find something you like. if not, here are a few tips to make vintage clothing more current.

belt it
we've all seen the 50s house dresses. comfortable, but not very flattering. well, belt it! find yourself a nice chunky elastic belt, and belt it at your natural waist, right below the chest. this will accentuate your small waist, make the chest stand out, and show off any curves you might have. and the plus side, your belly and hiney are covered up (at least for me, these are my least favorite areas on my body!)

hem it
love the look of a fun swing dress, but don't love where it cuts you off at the calves? hem it! make that flirty vintage dress even more fun (is that possible?) by bringing it above the knee. This would work for secretary dresses, swing dresses, even the house dresses i talked about above. show off those gams. don't know how to sew? there are plenty of affordable seamstresses out there who will do it for less than $20. or if you're feeling so inclined, by some stitch witchery and iron your brand new hem! so easy, and at $2, you really can't go wrong!

pair it
not everything has to be vintage. i love to mix new and vintage together. a cute faux-leather jacket over a vintage dress not only brings you up to date, but also flatters your figure. make sure to get a somewhat cropped or shorter jacket; this style will tuck in the waist and accentuate the curve of your hip. and by the way, this look could be reversed, too...with a new dress and a great vintage biker jacket.
or throw on a pair of your favorite jeans with your great aunt betty's old sequined top. add a pair of new booties or your favorite wedge sandals, and you've got a great outfit!

transform it
a shirt doesn't have to be a shirt. a dress doesn't have to be a dress. the other day, nora had on the cutest dress. as it turns out, it was just one of grandma's old house shirts. that old polyester, geometric, bright colored shirt that grandma used to wear to play bridge is now a dress, nicely paired with some funky tights and cute heels.
or take a darling vintage print dress and throw it over some pants. jeans, leggings, a fun print knit pant. mix and match...try it out!

don't be afraid. vintage truly is for everyone. vintage clothing comes in all different shapes and styles. if you keep looking, i bet you will find something that you love and can't live without! and hey, nora and i would be more than happy to help you find your style! 

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  1. Great post! I love all of your suggestions for incorporating vintage into everyone's wardrobe! I've just recently hopped on the "belt it" train and I feel like my clothes have so much more possibilities now.