Tuesday, September 28, 2010

winter's coming, time to shop

i’m in that mood this week…the shopping mood. not that this is different than any other week, but i really feel like shopping. being the kind of person who never pays full price for anything, i always start off my shopping excursions at garage sales. just last week, nora and i found this ridiculous sale full of vintage clothes. we started pulling clothes from the multitude of racks at the sale (it turns out that the woman’s dream was to own a vintage store…she bought everything she needed and then didn’t start the store) not knowing prices on anything. then we heard these words that melted our hearts, “all dresses are $2, coats are $3.” let me tell you, they had to create a whole new rack just for nora and me. at this point, we were both just grabbing things, hoping they would fit. we ended up each coming home with about 25 pieces each. what a day!

however, that wasn’t enough. i am still in the shopping mood. i don’t know what it is. i think it’s the change of weather…the feeling that soon i will have a whole new batch of clothes to choose from. i don’t love winter, but i do love chunky sweaters and blazers and old weathered boots. i know that I will fulfill most of my shopping itch at Mighty Swell this weekend, but I also want to have a few winter necessities.

to start off, everyone needs a nice long layering tank. we found this great one at Forever 21.  i think i might buy one in every color.
nora found this great blazer there, too.

put these together with a nice chunky boot (like these in gray) and leggings or a short skirt, and you’ve got a great outfit!

i’m also loving Kohls this week. i went on a clearance rack shopping spree and found some great pieces that really surprised me. first of all, the new Lauren Conrad collection is pretty cute. i can’t say that i ever watched her on any of the mtv shows, but i really like a few of her pieces, specifically her skirts. this one, for instance, is only $17.60! Vera Wang’s boyfriend jeans are also on my “have to buy list” at Kohls.

so now i have a few necessities. the rest i will buy at vintage stores and rummage sales. i have noticed that even throughout the winter, people are still hosting garage sales in their homes. plus, two birds will be having more sales and hopefully with the success of the first Mighty Swell sale, many more will come!

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