Wednesday, September 29, 2010

size doesn't matter

i used to be obsessed with the size of my clothes. i had this ridiculous idea in my head that i had to wear a certain size, and i wouldn't even look in racks of other sized clothes. i kick myself now when i think about all the darling clothes i must have missed out on! especially all the great vintage's size 4 was a 12 back in the 50s. so now when i shop, i look at everything. first of all, you never know when something has been placed in the wrong section. secondly, there are some fabulous finds out there, that may not be your size, but could work for you anyways. with a little imagination and a few accessories, you can turn almost anything into something adorable!

for instance, i bought a white tee today. just a plain white t-shirt. it's a size xl. i tried it on and it's perfect. it hangs off the shoulder just slightly, and worn with leggings, biker boots and a yoga tank, i think it will be fabulous. or tuxedo shorts and a blazer. or belted. the possibilities are endless.

don't get me wrong, i still look at sizes when i shop...who doesn't want to find an irregular small size and have it fit? i might even accidentally have the tag hanging out at times...but i no longer obsess about it. whatever i love, and whatever looks great, i'm going to buy.

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  1. I completely agree! I have sizes in my closet ranging from small to XL. I just care how the clothes make me feel when I wear them.