Tuesday, September 28, 2010

six degrees of vintage clothing.

there are so many things that i love about vintage clothing...the timelessness of it, the fact that almost every piece is unique and so flattering on most figures, the price. i love that when you buy vintage, you are doing the world a favor. what i really love is that every piece has a history. each dress has probably been to some special occasion, been broken up in, learned good news in. the possibilities are endless. don't you wish you knew even just one small story about a piece of clothing you have?

a funny thing happened at work today. i was wearing this great dress i found at a garage sale. a woman walked  past me and stopped dead in her tracks. she stopped and was just staring at me. finally she said, "i think i used to have a dress just like that. it was my mother's." i told her that i did buy it used, so it very well could be her old dress. she then thought again and said, 'well i don' think so because mine had a high collar." to which i replied that mine does, too...i just chose to wear the buttons open (times have changed). we chatted a bit more and i decided that in my version of this story, the dress was for sure hers, and it somehow had made its way back into her life. perhaps another day i will sit down with her and talk about the dress and where she might have gone and what she might have done while wearing it.

i think i will start to make note of special things i do while wearing certain pieces in my wardrobe. i already planned on saving my favorites for my daughter to have when she gets older. but now maybe she will also have a little bit of insight on what i have done in each piece. and maybe one day when she's in her 60s, she will see someone else wearing an old dress that used to be hers.


  1. I was just thinking recently how great it would be if vintage clothing came along with a little book containing the stories of their past. But then again, sometimes it's more fun to imagine it yourself.
    ps. Love this dress!
    AND I'm thrilled to find another great local blog.

  2. Oh, I love this post:) I always am left wondering what the previous owner would think of my life compared to their's and what experiences they may of had while wearing the piece:)