Tuesday, September 28, 2010


megan and i are both moms. she has two kids: the five year old boy wonder, henry and the fabulous eva, who is three and a half. my deliciously adorable daughter, amelia, is 5 months old.

eva, also known as 'diva', is most definitely a fashionista. and if megan, myself, and, most importantly, eva have anything to say about it, amelia will someday have a passion for fashion as well!

i must say, she looks pretty fab in these 100% cashmere pants, thrifted for $1 (seriously!) by my friend heather in chicago (thanks heather)!!! she's also rockin' that pink patchwork jacket that was made with love by her grandma catherine! so fabulous!


  1. awwww so cute! i love that amelia already has cashmere in her wardrobe!

  2. owen is happy she likes the pants he found for her! we'll keep our eyes out for other good stuff.