Thursday, September 30, 2010

flashback to the '90s

two of my favorite movies in the '90s were "Clueless" and "Reality Bites". they both came out around the same time (1994-1995). i was a freshman/sophomore in high school at the time. i loved (and still love) these movies not only because they are really good, but i was also very inspired by the fashion! cher and lelaina have two totally different styles, but they are both so great and SO identifiably 1990s. and i am sure i copied both of their looks more than once throughout my teen years.
um, a watch doesn't go with this outfit, daddy.
don't bogart the can, man.
i am almost positive that my four sisters and i each wore a version of the dress that winona is wearing to my grandma's 75th birthday party.

i thought it would be super fun to recreate updated versions of these looks. so i did. and i was right...SUPER fun!!!

i put 2010 cher into some super cute shorts over argyle tights (cheaper tights here) rather than the argyle skirt/knee high combo.
then i added my favorite white tank, tucked in, and some super cute oxford heels. and to make her a bit more edgy, less preppy, i put her in this great faux-leather hooded blazer. WANT!
i would totally rock this outfit! would you?

2010 lelaina needed to shorten her dress, so i put her in this floral, tunic tank and leggings. i also found these dresses that would work just as well! (here and here). and, of course, she needed some chunky, black footwear. these black engineer boots are amazing (i actually own a pair). i love taking something girly, like the floral dress, and toughening it up a bit by wearing these.
you could also get actual vintage clothes from the '90s (yes, sadly, '90s clothing is considered vintage) and update them with a few current pieces from your own wardrobe!

images via here and here.

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