Wednesday, August 20, 2014

bird.i.y.:vintage sheet wall banner

Nora bought the cutest wall hanging from Urban Outfitters a while back. I saw a picture of it and instantly (of course) wanted one. Knowing that I needed a DIY post for this week, and knowing that I am too cheap (frugal?) to pay $34 for the UO one, I decided I would make my own. While I love the tribal feel of the one Nora owns, I knew that I wanted to make one with more of a colorful, vintage vibe to it. And of course, I had all the supplies I needed at the house already. I case you're not a vintage sheet, pom pom hoarding person like me, here's what you'll need to make your own.
~ iron-on transfer paper
~ fabric (I used a vintage sheet)
~ two dowels, or sturdy sticks from your yard (I used one of each)
~ hot glue gun
~ scissors
~ pom pom yarn (or regular yarn or string)

I started by creating a cute template using PicMonkey. I tried it out in both all caps, and all lowercase, added a frame around each one, and reversed it. I then printed (make sure to use an inkjet printer) (well, I used a laser printer, but I was taking the chance it wouldn't melt the transfer paper and ruin the printer) (I got lucky) both versions on the transfer paper.

I decided to go with the all caps version. I simply cut it out, placed it face-down on the pre-ironed piece of fabric, and followed the instructions on the transfer paper box. The "note" made me laugh...

Only YOU can prevent bad t-shirt transferring.

I then ironed the transfer for...well, it was supposed to be 30 seconds, but I got all paranoid that it wasn't done yet. Trust the instructions, follow the instructions (remember the note)....I went longer than 30 seconds and ended up burning the transfer a bit. We'll just say that I did it on purpose to add a vintage patina to the writing, m'kay?

Once everything cooled down, and I removed the backing off the transfer, I hot glued the top of the fabric to the stick from my backyard.

And I glued the dowel to the bottom of the fabric.

I then added the pom pom yard to hang it, and promptly hung in on Eva's bedroom wall.

Ta Da!

I still love the one Nora bought, and perhaps may even buy it one day if it goes on sale. But in the meantime, I love my rustic, vintage version just as much!
megan bird

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): 20

shirt~ Mille
jeans~ thrifted
shoes~ Target
headband~ Urban Outfitters

This past weekend, Jim and I traveled to his hometown to attend his 20th high school reunion. It was a three-part event which started on Friday evening with a sort of pre-reunion reunion party at a local hole in the wall bar. This was the third of Jim's reunions that I have attended and I really enjoy his former classmates and would even count a few of them among my dearest friends, so it was a fun night. Lots of reminiscing and laughs. The next day there was a family picnic at a local park which was also a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day and we just sat around watching our kids play, relaxing in the sun, and eating potato chips. Later that night was the official reunion, so we went back to Jim's parent's house to nap and rest up for the big event. Unfortunately, I awoke feeling feverish and with quite possibly the worst headache I have ever had. I could barely move without feeling nauseated and bursting into tears. It was horrible. I felt bad missing out on the actual reunion, but I spent the rest of my evening in bed while Jim and his classmates partied the night away. He ended up having a fun night and, although it really really sucked being sick, the introvert in me may have been secretly relieved not to have to get dressed up and socialize yet again! Just don't tell Jim or he'll think I faked the whole thing!

xoxo, nora bird

Monday, August 18, 2014

inspiration monday: party bathroom

the inspiration
Kate Bosworth

megan bird

dress~ Forever 21
shoes ~Shoedazzle
sunglasses ~ Target

nora bird

dress ~b.(a resaleshop)
shoes ~ DSW
watch ~ Michael Kors
necklace ~ Etsy, gift from Megan

We went camping this weekend. It was a bit of a last-minute decision, and as such, there was literally only one site left for us when we booked. The spot wasn't ideal, as it was right next to the bathrooms. I suppose that isn't so bad, as it made it more convenient for my small bladder, but it also gave us prime viewing to all the people who wanted to use the showers.

It started off innocently enough, mostly just moms and kids who wanted to wipe the day's sunscreen and bug spray off their bodies. But once it got dark, it was a different picture. We honestly saw about four couples entering the showers together. Some seemed innocent enough, people wanting to save time and/or leave showers open for more people. But more than one couple entered and left both dry and in the same clothes they entered in. Seems suspicious, no?

Chris and I began to make a game out of it, and make up stories about the people entering. The aforementioned couple, for instance, was having an affair. After all, why would they need to use a public shower to do what they were presumably doing if they had a tent or camper?

We made note to book in advance from now on, and to not reserve this particular spot. While I am glad people are enjoying their camping trip, I don't really need to see exactly how.

megan bird

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Friday, August 15, 2014

bird's nest: the scamp tour

I talk about camping all the time on the blog, so I thought I'd share with you all our home away from home for about half of the summer weekends!

Chris and  I both agree that aside from our house, the best purchase we have made is the Scamp. It makes it so much easier for us to camp, as everything we need is neatly packed away year round. All we have to do is hitch it up to the car and go!

So without further adieu, here is our favorite weekend getaway...

You will rarely see this table set up in the Scamp.It's nice to have in case it rains; we can eat here or play cards...but normally how you will see it is like this...

MAGIC!!! Is it a table or a bed? 
(spoiler alert, it's both!)

This is where Chris and I sleep. Unless it's the end of October, and we're in northern Minnesota, it's snowing and we're in a non-electric site...then the whole family sleeps here cuddled up together (wearing winter hats). Yeah, we camp in the snow.

This is Beatrice the Scamp mascot. As soon as we bought the Scamp, I found her at a garage sale for $.25. She hasn't left the Scamp since.

We rarely use the fridge, but have just recently started using the stove top to make coffee in the mornings. I love a good campfire coffee, but propane boils water a lot faster than a campfire.

This is where we store anything and everything we could need while camping, including wet wipes, every single piece of first aide you can imagine, and all the bug sprays! The little floral basket is full of books for both adults and kids.

The bench seating doubles as a...

Bunk bed!! MORE MAGIC!!!

There you have it...our little camping paradise! Do you like to camp?

Happy Friday....we're off to camp today!
megan bird

Thursday, August 14, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): the pants

pants~ b. (a resale shop)
tee~ H&M
shoes~ Target
necklace~ gift from my mother-in-law

I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite pants. I might not be taking these babies off for a while, I love them so much. I realize these pants may not be everyone's cup of tea. There's a lot going on here. We've got pleats, ruching, wide legs, kind of a strange length, buttons, a strange denim/linen mix, and a whole lot of wrinkles. The wrinkles can be blamed on me. Like I said, these have been getting a lot of wear. But when I saw these on the rack last weekend at b. (a resale shop), I knew they had to be mine. Even though I can't picture wearing them with anything but a white muscle tee and clogs (except perhaps a grey muscle tee and clogs). And even if my husband may have lovingly referred to them as "the ugly pants". Even then! I don't care. They are my new faves and I will wear them proudly. I just need to stock up on white muscles tees and clogs and I'm good. Outfits for days!

Have a happy Thursday, all!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

bird.i.y: succulent wreath

I love succulents. They are such fun little plants. They come in so many cool shapes and different sizes and they are relatively easy to care for. I didn't have nearly enough succulents in my life so I decided to change that this week. With a few different ideas floating around in my head but no definite plan for what to do with them, I went out and bought a ton of succulents. I knew that, if nothing else, we had a bunch of empty pots in the garage in which I could plant them. After making my purchase, I ended up on Pinterest looking for fun ways to display succulents and came upon a picture of a succulent wreath. Now you all know I love my wreath DIYs, so it was settled. A succulent wreath it would be!

What you'll need:
 ~ wreath frame (mine was 12")
~ Sphagnum moss
~ floral wire
~ succulents (or clippings, if you have larger succulents around your house!)

~ Remove your succulents from the pots and separate them. You may need to remove some of the leaves from the bottom of the plant so that the stem is long enough to plant into your wreath.
~ Place your Sphagnum moss into a bucket of water until it is completely wet (about 5 minutes).
 ~ Starting on the back, stuff the wreath tightly full of moss. Then, wrap the frame and moss with the floral wire to hold the moss in.
Next, turn the frame over. You will notice that the frame is still showing through the moss. You don't want that!
Add an extra layer of moss and then wrap once again with the floral wire.
Now it is time to start planting the succulents! Make a hole in the moss with a stick where you want to plant your succulent.
Now, simply plant your succulent in the hole. Continue to do this all the way around your wreath until it is full and looks the way you want. The succulents will continue to grow over time, so try not to over crowd the wreath! One quick note: if you want to be able to hang your wreath right away, you will want to secure your succulents with floral pins. I did not do this, so I will need leave my wreath laying flat and wait for my succulents to take root (about 6 months) before hanging. You will also want to spritz your wreath with water occasionally and make sure it gets a bit of sun and it should stay nice and healthy!

Here's the final product:

What do you think? I think I love it!

xoxo, nora bird

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): a bird in headlights

romper ~ TJ Maxx
shoes ~ Kohls
belt ~ thrifted
bracelets ~ from Eva and thrifted
necklace ~ Forever 21

We went camping with two other families last weekend. On Saturday, the dads decided to take all the kids to an open area to play baseball and the moms stayed at the campground to have a cocktail and make dinner. When dinner was ready, I grabbed Chris' bike and went to go alert the kids and men that it was time to eat.

I left without really thinking...without thinking that I was on Chris' bike, which is too big for me and has handle bars I can barely reach, and brakes that barely work. Without thinking that I was in a bikini and very loose cover-up dress. Without thinking that I have the worst sense of direction and I had no idea really where they were playing. Without thinking that I was in a huge forest, full of who knows what.

I circled the area (maybe more than once) hoping I would just luckily run into them. And eventually I did run into the area they had been at, but I guess they got to thinking on their own that dinner must be ready and left the area before I got there.

So I circled back again to the campsite, or at least where I thought the campsite was. And as I was cruising down a rather large hill, on a too big bike with bad brakes ( in a dress) I saw a deer about to run on to the road right in front of me. I hit the brakes as hard as I could, and we both just stopped and stared at each other for what felt like five minutes. I didn't dare move for fear of the deer running into me. The deer didn't dare move, probably for the same reason. I finally lost in the battle of wits, slowly turned the bike around, biked back up the hill, and circled my way until I heard the happy sound of my friends and family enjoying the dinner that I had gone to summon them for.
megan bird