Tuesday, September 2, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): family fun

shirt~ Marshalls
shorts~ b. (a resale shop)
shoes~ Urban Outfitters

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We had a fun and busy one, full of family. We spent the weekend with Jim's grandma, his parents, his two sisters and their husbands and kids, and a couple of his aunts and uncles. We did a lot of swimming, visited the farm where Jim's dad grew up, ate a ton, talked and laughed and cried. Right before we arrived, Jim's aunt found a letter that his late grandpa had written to him when he was 8-years-old and it was so heartwarming and sweet to read. Such a beautiful treasure for Jim to take home. All in all it was a great time, save for two tough nights in the hotel when both of my kids refused to go to sleep. Now we are back to reality. Jim is back to work, Mimi starts school tomorrow, and I have to get my butt back to the gym! And Ben is just happy he doesn't have to share a room anymore. Frankly, so am I!

xoxo, nora bird

Monday, September 1, 2014

inspiration monday: labor day weekend

the inspiration
Emmanuelle Chriqui
megan bird

jeans ~ Opitz
shirt ~ Etsy, gift from Chris
shoes, blazer ~ thrifted, Goodwill
necklace ~ Kohls

nora bird

jacket ~ MN blogger garage sale
leggings ~ Urban Outfitters
shirt ~ Victorias Secret
shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ Etsy

We had the laziest of all weekends. It involved a few episodes of The Love Boat, a lot of bad movies, some thrifting, lots of food, cleaning the basement, a frisbee toss in the park, a nap or two, and maybe an incident where I ended up in the splits on a dance floor. But that part I don't want to talk about.

How was your weekend?
megan bird

Friday, August 29, 2014

megan is a...

I'm moving from our regular posting today because I'm lazy. And also because I think this is fun...and I'd like to hear what Google has to say about you. So instead of an outfit/food/DIY post, try this on for size.
Go onto Google and type "*your name* is a" and tell me what pops up.
Here's mine. And yes, I am a fruit loop. And sometimes a fox. And always awesome. ; )

Tell me yours in the comments below!
Have a fabulous weekend!
megan bird

Thursday, August 28, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): road trippin'

capelet~ b. (a resale shop)
tee~ Old Navy
jeans~ thrifted
shoes~ DSW

When it comes to road trips, I think you either love them or you hate them. I fit into the latter category. I really don't love them. I really don't enjoy driving or being in a car in the first place, so long periods of time in the car are not my favorite. I am a super anxious passenger (and just person in general) and a horrible backseat driver, but I also really don't want to drive for long stretches. I can't read in the car without getting nauseous and I find it hard to fall asleep while someone is driving, so there is really nothing I can do to distract myself from the fact that we are driving and driving and driving forever. Add two young kids into the mix and it makes it that much more difficult. Basically, I am the last person you want on your road trip. That said, guess where I am right now? On a road trip with Jim and the kids, on our way to visit Jim's grandma. Luckily, by the time you are reading this, we will be just about to our destination! But as I am writing this, I am anxious about the trip and really hoping that someone invents a way to teleport before we have to leave. Seriously, how amazing would it be if we could just teleport everywhere? So amazing. Someone should really get on that.

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

bird.i.y: painted cuffs

I told Megan the other day that I had no idea what I was going to post today. Lately, when it has come to DIY projects, I have been very uninspired and quite lazy. It's nearing the end of the summer and we have been so busy with other things and trying to be outside and enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather and my time for DIYs has been limited. So, instead of trying to come up with a whole new idea this week, I went into the corner of my basement reserved for DIY projects that have been started and abandoned and decided to finish one of those.

I bought a package of metal cuffs and some acrylic paint pens at Michael's months and months ago. I had big plans for designing my own original jewelry. I even started doing so, but then I just left them, unfinished and half-painted, in that sad corner of my basement. Until this week! And now I have four new, original pieces of jewelry to add to the mix!

What you'll need:
~ metal cuff
~ acrylic paint pen
~ clear acrylic sealer

I have little to no artistic skill, so I just went with some very simple designs. But you could really have fun with this! The world (or the cuff?) is your oyster. Go crazy! Be bold! Make cool, original jewelry that everyone will ask you about! Really, anything goes.

Once you have finished creating your designs, spray the cuffs with the acrylic sealer according to the directions on the can.

Once that is dry, wear your cuffs proudly!

This was a lot of fun and I am happy that it helped me out of my DIY rut. In fact, I bought a package of metal rings that I plan on painting one of these days!

xoxo, nora bird

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

outfit of the day(bird): skool


shirt, shoes, sunglasses ~ Target
jeans ~ Goodwill, thrifted

The kids' first day of school was yesterday. For some reason, I woke up at 2:00 AM for the day on
Monday. I woke up and started worrying that I hadn't planned everything out for them. What if they didn't have the right forms signed? What if Eva didn't remember to put her pencil box in her backpack? All the stuff that probably doesn't matter in the long run, but that for some reason, kept me up the remainder of the night. At 5:00 I went for a run, hoping to clear my mind, and then sat down to write Henry's teacher a letter per her request.
She wanted us to write about our kids...their likes and dislikes, what we wish for them this year, what she should look out for. I started writing, and before I knew it, I had written almost two pages of information about Henry. And I was tired, man was I tired, which is why when I tried to write, "We really hope Henry has a great school year", I actually wrote "shcool year". In pen. After already writing two pages. And I was too tired to start over. So I crossed it out, like crazily crossed it out, like scribbled over it until I almost ripped the paper. Because I didn't want Henry's teacher to judge Henry just because on four hours of sleep his mom doesn't know how to spell school.
megan bird

Monday, August 25, 2014

inspiration monday: reason #3,562

the inspiration
Sophia Bush

megan bird

dress ~ H&M
vest ~ Kohls
shoes ~ thrifted
necklaces ~ Heartbreaker, Forever 21
belt ~ Target

nora bird

jacket ~ thrifted
dress ~ Urban Outfitters
boots ~ gift from mom

Saturday, we went to the farmer's market with the specific intent of buying this hot sauce for our brother-in-law. We had bought some for ourselves over a month ago, and loved it so much we wanted to share. We came and went from the farmer's market without the hot sauce. Such is life these days.

It just so happened, though, that on Sunday, we had breakfast at a little restaurant in South Minneapolis that was right next to another small farmer's marker. And it just so happened that the guy was there selling the very same hot sauce.

I walked up to him and told him how serendipitous it was that he happened to be there, and that we had bought some from him a while ago, yada yada yada....and he said, "Oh yeah, I remember you guys!"

On the drive home, I said to Chris, "I think the reason people remember us is because of you. Me, I'm just another brown-haired girl from Minnesota, but most people remember a bald guy." To which Chris replied, "Have you looked in the mirror lately? Everyone remembers you."

And he was 100% sincere. Because even if that may not be true, it's true to Chris. And this is reason #3,562 why I love my husband.

megan bird

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